Tips about Best Logo Designs


In business today, it’s the image that matters the most. You only have to look around you to realize the importance of logos and good logo design. So you have to get the help of a classy logo designer if you want the best logo for your business that will, in turn, help you make your mark in the highly competitive business world. Your logo is a vital part of your firms’ marketing strategy. It gives your firm an image that must be strong and which your market will embrace if it is attractive and reflects your business in the best way possible.

The image stays in the mind and it keeps on returning, so you can realize how essential it is to have a perfectly designed logo. All the values and nature of your business are compressed in that logo. The first impression is the best impression, they say, and nowhere is this truer than with your business logo. Therefore, the first logo of your company that you put on display in the market should be powerful and leave an image that lingers in the mind for long. It must also convey a positive message.

Our company does not beat about the bush. We have a questionnaire that you will have to fill up which gives details about what the company can do for you – and also what your requirements are. In this way both parties fully understand each other’s needs. You will have to chalk out what qualities you want to be represented in your logo, for example. You will need to spell out what your mission is and what you want to tell your potential clients. A professional in this field will then help you to fully understand the brochure and after that you can get started.


Ann Baker rescued


The Ragdoll breed originated in the 1960′s when an American woman called Ann Baker rescued several kittens belonging to a feral longhair cat called Josephine. Baker then bred later kittens from independent litters: solid black female called “Buckwheat” and pointed male called “Daddy Warbucks.”


Ragdolls come in an assortment of color patterns. The established colors include blue, seal, lilac, and chocolate. These colors come in any of buy ragdoll kittens the following patterns: mitted, bi-color and pointed.


Using Daddy Warbucks as a stud, Baker bred a sufficient amount of kittens to launch the Ragdoll breed.


Lately, there is been an inflow of new colors and patterns emerging in the Ragdoll breed. Newer colors comprise red (flame), cream, chocolate, and tortie. The lynx, or striped pattern, is and a newer trait that is become prevalent. Only in the near past, solid color Ragdolls are being bred.


The Ragdoll’s longhair coat is rare for a cat. The fur is soft with the consistency of bunny hair. It does not mat. Ragdolls are born all white and acquire their colors and patterns as they grow up.


The body of a Ragdoll is long, robust, and powerful. These are giant felines, the only bigger purebred cat is the Maine Coon. While Ragdolls are long, they are not tall. Their legs are squat and stout.


Steve Heyer: One of the Best Attacking Players in NFL

New York Jets after weak stats last season has decided to bolster their offensive line by making a change in their lineup. Steve Heyer, a veteran free-agent and Ray Willis, another football veteran was chosen and signed last May 2012. Both players are good and versatile in attacking positions and shared 61 games each since the start of their professional careers.
Heyer first played football in his high school in Brookwood where he became a letter-man for 2 years. He received a long list of recruitments from many colleges such as Michigan, Arkansas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Auburn. He decided to go to Maryland University and play for their team. During his freshman in college, he already made impressive skills in blockings and improved himself as an offensive player. It was in his sophomore year the he trained for the left tackle position. In his senior year, he ended with a total of 50 games. Heyer jumpstarted his football career through stints in minor bowls. Finally, he was able to make it through NFL as an undrafted and free-agent player for the Washington Redskins. He continued to play the position of left tackle but eventually gained expertise in right tackle.
After 33 starters in 4 years, Heyer made a bigger career move by signing with the Oakland Raiders in 2011. He garnered raves for his offensive plays and dubbed as one of the best attacking players. His versatility as left and right tackle was the key for his great plays. He is feared in the field because of he always aim for the ball. However, just after 1 season with 12 games and 2 starters, he left the Raiders. This time, his experience and expertise are needed by the New York Jets. However, after trainings and a few games, Heyer was released from the team in August 2012. Ray Willis who signed with him was waived in July 2012. Currently, Heyer is joining offseason training and practices and awaiting to sign a contract with a new team.
Steve Heyer was born on January 16, 1984 to parents Ronald and Glenda Heyer. He attended Brookwood high school in Snellville, Georgia. He finished college with a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice with All-ACC Lineman recognition for his performance. Now only 28 and stands 6’6 in height, Heyer is already regarded as a veteran of NFL with impressive record plays and versatile skills.